Main Dining


Main Dining


The Main Dining room has four gigapans: the North Wall (Left and Right Sides), the South Wall, and the Southeast Wall.

Collection Items

0101021 Dekalb Sign
Dekalb corn cob

0105161 Drawing
Drawing of central Main Bar of Manuel's Tavern. Signed J. Adams.

0105160 Photograph
black frame, baseball photo

0105159 Newspaper
"Fly Fishing Club Hooked On Manuel's". Jacobs, Jimmy. Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Thursday June 18, 2009.

Atlanta Fly Fishing Club

0105158 Newspaper
Newspaper clipping on wood

0105157 Photograph
brown frame, Manuel Maloof with 3 women

0105156 Photograph
black frame, man with hands

0101129 Sign
Fire extinguisher sign

0101128 Sign
No Smoking Sign

0101127 Ad
1907 Yuengling calendar with puppies

Main Dining North Wall (Right Side)
The Main Dining North Wall on the right side includes mostly photographs with a few other artifacts.

Main Dining North Wall (Left Side)
The Main Dining North Wall on the left side includes neon beer signs, mirrors, paintings, drawings, and photographs.

Main Dining Southeast Wall
The Main Dining Southeast Wall includes large windows and assorted photographs.

Main Dining South Wall
The Main Dining South Wall includes neon beer advertisements, paintings, photographs, and a boar's head.
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