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Framed broshure from Carter/Mondale 1976 campaign.

0101115 Photograph.png
Black frame grey matt, Jimmy Carter and wife waving.
Manuel Maloof and Sam Nunn shaking hands at an event. Black frame.
Manuel Maloof with Andrew Young. Brown frame.

10-1/8" Plate. Inscribed "In Memoriam John F. Kennedy 1917-63". Blue border with painted portrait.

0201033 Painting.png
Painting of President John F. Kennedy. Was covered in black after his death.

0201036 Plate.png
10-1/8" plate with President Lyndon B. Johnson painted portrait. This plate is a pair with the JFK plate.

0201039 Photograph.png
Photograph of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Painting of John F. Kennedy
Manuel Maloof under Democratic Party of GA logo, with food and tea
Manuel Maloof under painting of JFK, talking into phone (DPGA pin on image)
Painting of Jimmy Carter with brass frame
Brown frame, white border, Portrait of Harry Truman
Signed Jimmy Carter portrait, brown frame white matt
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